How to keep pace with the Latest Kids’ Fashion Trends

kids trendsThere is no doubt that parents will go to any length to satisfy their kids and want to be involved in their activities. Most kids love their parents but are embarrassed if they find the tastes of their parents outdated. When asked, those kids said they feel that their parents act weird at times and worst of all, do not understand their fashion.  It is like getting stuck with someone in the 80′s show.  Read on to learn how you can keep pace with the latest trend in fashion for kids.

  • Observe Your Child and find out about his tastes in clothes, TV, games, etc. Media, television are not just sources of entertainment for the child, but also his gateway to learn about what is happening in the fashion world. If possible, watch some shows with him and show interest. Television is a very influential medium and one can get hints of the latest in fashion for kids in those commercials.
  • Browse online Magazines and blogs for kids
    Another good way to keep pace with the tastes of your child is to go online and explore those blogs and magazines on latest kids’ fashion. There are websites made especially for kids and fashion for them. Blogs are a good platform for these kids to learn about fashion and what is trendy. There are also tips for parents who are still clueless about what goes on in the mind of their child regarding fashion.
  • Check out fashionable Accessories
    Kids are very particular about what accessories they wear with their outfits.Even kids as young as three years know how to browse the web.Look out for the newest trends in accessories for the fashionable kids and surprise them by shopping for those together. Girls love hair accessories, bags, fancy jeweleries, while the boys are fond of sunglasses and vests with hoods.
  • Visit your  Child’s School To Look into The Latest Trends
    If you have a school going kid, it is a good idea to visit his school and have a look at what other kids are wearing. However, your child should not know that you are snooping around and don’t get judgmental about your child or his tastes in clothes and friends. Just observe and don’t judge.

Just keep the above tips in mind if you really want to remain updatedin children fashion. Be observant and be the coolest parent in town and make your child feel proud of you and not embarrassed.

Hot Fashion For school going Kids

school fashionRemember the time your kid first went to school? He was all excited and nervous too. After all, this was going to be a new experience for him and he was to meet and make many new friends. By this stage, kids are aware of acceptance from other people and their peers. It is important for them to be a part of a group and it is important for parents to understand their kids, his needs and what he is feeling. He wants to indulge in behaviors that is acceptable by others. The child is conscious of what people think about him and what he wears. Clothes are very important to him during his school going years.

Apart from making new friends, your child is now becoming interested in other activities like sports, music and fashion.  A recent survey shows that an average family of a school going kid spends about $500 on clothing.If you have school-going children between nine and thirteen, then it is essential that you understand your child and his needs for fashion at this stage. Encourage him to opt for the classic styles that will never go out of fashion. The classic fashion wear is not seasonal and can be worn at any time of the year. Get fitted hoodies with basic jeans for your child and he will always look stylish.

Bold graphic tees too look very trendy when paired with washed jeans with dark grey or deep blue hues. Skinny jeans, that were very popular in the 70s and 80s, have made a comeback. Little kids are adopting these styles with great interest. Kids in this generation love to wear funky and functional clothes. They do not want to compromise on their freedom and like to wear clothes that look good and make them feel comfortable. Jackets with pockets are very popular and high fashion as well as considered to be very fashionable. Pants and bags too are getting designed to carry several pockets, so that the kids can store their phones and other electronics.

Comfort and chic clothing is in. Polo shirts are very comfortable as well as very fashionable too with kid of any age and gender. They come in different colours and a variety of material. Children between nine and thirteen want to look fashionable and trendy.As parents, one should know what is in and what is out and help their child keep pace with the changing fashion.

Following the Latest Trends In Kids Clothing

Trends In Kids ClothingIf you thought that picking clothes for your kids is easy, then think again. Gone are the day when your kid meekly wore whatever you got him. You will have to ask about his choices and liking before just buying anything for him or her. You have to find something that is not only comfortable to wear, but also makes them look stylish and trendy. Look for clothes that they will love to wear. A lot many parents still make the mistake of taking their children’s clothing not very seriously. It is important to consider their choices and options available in the market, and invest in the latest fashion trends for their kids clothing.

The fashion trends for kids, like any other style, keep shifting. With the last season almost over, we already find a lot of new and fashionable stuff available with the fashion stores, ready to welcome the next season. For example, for the fall and winter trends, we find a lot of silhouettes that adopt a number of style varieties. It is a craze to mix and match and get the right outfit for your kid. Knitwear like cardigans, jumpers, sweaters are always popular. Fake fur is popular among both boys and girls. We find a huge range of fur hats, coats, collars, bags and ear muffs.

It is best to follow natural colors and neutral hues and one can never go wrong with black and white. Some parents might feel those colors a bit too harsh for their little ones, but these colors can never look too grim. One can always add some brightness by using colorful and gay accessories in different colors.  Denims will never go out of style with kids and their parents. Buy your kid those embellished jeans for a slightly different look.  Jeans for girls are accented with crystals or laces. Your little toddler will look cute in Denim jumpsuits.

Go as creative and fashionable when it comes to hats for kids. One can pick bold printed ones and or go for those stylish bold printed ones. Pair the jumpers of your little boy with V-neckline shirts or dress him up in grunge jeans to make him look and feel good. Bold prints are the “in thing and so are the military-inspired outfits. Some styles and looks will never go out of fashion for the little boys and girls. Your little girl will love clothes with embroidery and appliqués or with polka dots, cartoons or statement prints. Do not be afraid to experiment and go for different styles and looks and colors.

Fashion Styles Inspired by Celeb Kids

suri ballerina Manufacturers and fashion designers are taking full advantage of the growing awareness of fashion among kids. The very nature of fashion is that it gets changed every year and both parents and kids are very conscious of what they are wearing this season. The baby fashion rooted in the inspiration for adult fashion. We find Hollywood and better-known designers getting inspired from the kids in the Whitehouse or the kids of the celebrities. These serve as a catalyst for the trends in kid’s fashion. We find a major section of the fashion devoted to babies and toddlers.

The permeation of web has led to many online retailers offering the most extensive selection of toddler clothing and baby clothing. The virtual shopping space is filled with unique clothing for the toddlers and babies. We find a direct impact of Hollywood inspired fashions on these trends and some good examples are ballerina shoes worn by Suri, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes daughter. The tee-shirt worn by Cate Blanchett’s son Dashiell is perfect for those fashion crazy kids. Jason Priestley’s daughter Ava wore tiny flower hair clips and those have already become a craze.

Eco-friendly clothing too has caught the world of fashion for the babies and toddlers. Parents want soft and organic material to be sued in the kids clothing. We come across infant shoes and baby bodysuits made of pure organic materials. The organic styles are very trendy in some countries like England and it seems the need and popularity of organic fashion is going to continue through several fashion seasons in the future. You will find that some fall fashions this year are a repetition from the past. Well, this is what fashion is all about as it never remains the same and often gets repeated.

There could be some very popular styles in fashion for the babies and toddlers that can survive one fashion season to another. However, this is rare. It was interesting to see toddler girls sporting a college look with those checked skirts and shiny jackets, making a complete fashion statement. Those toddlers are seen wearing loose tops and jeans in earthy colors and looking very stylish and making their parents proud. For the toddler boys, cardigans and hooded sweatshirts are always a hit. Both boys and girls can wear knitted scarves to complete the style. Keep your baby and toddler looking stylish this season!

Trendy Clothes for Kids

kids fashion trendsEarlier, only men and women were concerned about fashion trends and women’s clothing dominated the fashion industry. But today, kids are also developing a sense of fashion and have become pickier about the clothes they wear. Clothing lines for children have also expanded to cater to this new generation of children, who are up to date with the latest clothes and accessories. Kids nowadays want brands and fashion choices just as much as their adult counterparts.

Today’s children have plenty to choose from modern fashionable kids wear. Children’s clothing is funky, is relevant to the modern taste and keeps updating itself as trends change. Even major designers are entering the world of children’s fashion and are making efforts to style clothes for kids as there is a whole new market for them. Colors are always important for any children’s clothing line because that is the first thing that catches a child’s eye. Also, children are very particular about their favorite colors and their color choices are reflected in their clothes as well. The fabric for children’s fashion should be durable and comfortable to last long and keep the kid comfy. Many designer brands now have dedicated children’s fashion sections in their department stores.

Modern trends still dictate that children’s T shirts are very popular fashion choices for both boys and girls. T shirts are comfortable and versatile and the color and illustrations can match the latest superheroes or cartoon characters that are most popular. Corduroy and denim are also good fabrics for children’s fashions and come in a variety of colors for both guys and girls. Hooded shirts and tops are also fashionable and appeal to the fashion conscious child. Style and comfort must be combined in any children’s fashion wear.

Modern prints and patterns are another way to appeal to kids and stripes, checks and circles are always attractive to them. However, accessories have entered the market as well and things like caps, belts, wrist bands and shoes have also become important to children. Kids wear what they see their friends wearing and what they see other kids wear on TV. So, do not underestimate the fashion consciousness in today’s children. They can be very picky about their clothes and a variety of styles and cuts is necessary to keep their attention. Exclusive clothing may include anything from high heeled shoes to leather jackets or sequined dresses. Always take your child along for clothes shopping because they have definite choices in mind.